The CUNY Distance Learning Archive (CDLA) is a crowdsourced archive of personal and institutional documentation related to the City University of New York’s move to online learning spaces in the wake of the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. The CUNY Distance Learning Archive allows students, faculty, and staff from across the CUNY system’s 25 campuses to submit personal narratives about the experience of moving online, emails and communications related to the decisions to move online, documentation of online learning experiences (e.g., photos, narratives, screenshots), and links to social media threads, hashtags, and accounts that capture the event in real time.

The project was founded in March 2020 by faculty and students affiliated with the Spring 2020 Knowledge Infrastructures course in the Ph.D. Program in English at The Graduate Center, CUNY, working in partnership with collaborators from The Interactive Technology and Pedagogy Certificate Program, to document this moment of crisis response from a critical approach to educational technology.

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For questions, comments, and concerns, the CDLA team can be reached at:

Email: cunyarchive@gmail.com
Twitter / Instagram / Facebook: @cunyarchive